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Universal Design Guide

Universal Design Guide for Public Places 2016

The UD Guide for Public Places 2016 provides good practice guide on the design of the built environment to make it safe and accessible for everyone. The Guide has up to date examples on user-friendly provisions that enhances the experience of any users of the built environment the moment he steps out of his home.

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Universal Design Guide 2007

This 2007 version provided the industry with a more complete set of guidelines for adoption of UD in a wide range of building types, including commercial, residential, as well as public and community facilities.

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Universal Design Guidelines (Commercial Buildings) 2006

The first Universal Design Guidelines for Commercial Buildings was launched in September 2006. The purpose is to create awareness on the adoption of Universal Design (UD) in commercial building among designers, building owners and developers, as well as to encourage they apply UD when designing these buildings.

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